NAME : Jonathan Kamil

ALIAS : KamJon

ORIGIN : Jakarta, Indonesia

BORN : January

PASSION : Travelling, Culinary and Sports

OFFICIAL : Website and Instagram


1. KamJon Foundation
2. Secret Of NumberBirthdate Analyzer
  • (To know someone’s best career, business, financial, success, rich, couple, marriage, business partner, house location, good day to do things, etc)
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3. Ling EntertainCelebrant, MC, Event and Wedding Organizer
4. Aurora Tour & Travel
  • (Affordable Tour and Travel packages, Flight ticket and Hotel stay, Travel business seminar)
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5. Youtuber and Mindset-logy
  • (Change one’s subconscious mind program and maximize self potency to achieving success, happiness, health, and wealth)
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6. Kamma Svaha Coffee
  • (Premium Coffee, satisfied guaranteed from Bali Island, Indonesia and Coffee Appliances)
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7. Partnership Business